I Got Started Renovating Mom’s Place

It has been fairly straightforward so far, but I am sure that the hard part is still ahead since that is how I planned it. My brother and my sisters are being a pain about the whole thing, but neither one of them wanted to let Mom move in with them and they seem to think there is a lot of money to be made from selling her place. In fact if I did everything right there might be money in it, but I need that money for her and it is her place. AC replacement in Queens is going to be the big item on the bill for renovations, simply because I can not really do that on my own. I can do the floors and most of the work in the bathrooms and the kitchen. I used to do that sort of thing on my summers working with a friend of Uncle John’s. I still remember a lot of that and I can go on the internet to refresh my memory. Obviously it is not going to get done very quickly.

The bank was really happy to lend me the money that I need. I think that it is not going to take more than around 10 thousand dollars for the things that I have on the plate just now. I hired this young guy who seems to have the drive, although he already has a day job. Best thing about him is that he is related to the guys who have all the tools that we need and they trust him so long as he brings them back before their work days begin. He came in with a couple of wrecking bars, a reciprocating saw and a sledge hammer. We did the demolition work in a few hours and had fun too.

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