Don’t Let Kids Play Baseball Inside Homes

When my son was 5, he decided to play baseball in the house with his little sister. I usually wouldn’t mind this at all, but this time they played in the bathroom and broke the glass of the shower door all to pieces. I was really upset because shower doors are expensive to replace. However, after looking for anyone who could fix shower doors in Union county NJ, I came across a cheap glass repair guy. I called him up and he’s been a shining light in repairing windows and other glass things in the home.

This repair guy, I really called out of the blue because I was desperate. I saw that he was a glass repairman and assumed that meant just windows. I called anyway, if he couldn’t help maybe he knew someone that could. He came right over after telling me he can fix any glass that was broken. When he came to my house, I explained to him the situation and he laughed about it and told me “Kids, huh?” I chuckled and showed him the shower door. He asked me “Kids didn’t get hurt, right?” I told him the kids were perfectly fun. The fact he was concerned about the kids made me feel like I made the right choice.

It wasn’t 30 minutes later, he was on the phone finding a large pane of glass to replace the shower door with. Within an hour, he was on his way to get the glass and was back taking the old glass out of the door. I didn’t expect such fast service from someone I called on the fly! After he was done with the job (3 hours total, if that), he showed me the finished product. It looked better than it did before the glass was broken! I was impressed! I asked him how much was the charge and he told me “No charge, kids cause accidents and they didn’t mean to do it. We call this the kids fee.” Turns out he has kids of his own and they are always breaking things so he can relate to the unexpected charge of having to replace something.

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